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Launch of the Portuguese Chapter of ELTA

The Portuguese Chapter of the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) is launching in May 2019 and will be officially presented at the Symposium for Legal & Tech Innovation, organized by ELTA, Legal Hackers and Inov@legal (Portuguese Legal Innovation Institute), on May 9th, in Beja, Portugal.

Aiming to identify the main obstacles to the innovation of justice in the Portuguese spoken countries, the Symposium will gather justice and law professionals and experts and point out to current solutions and a viable roadmap to ensure that innovation is part of the evolution stages in the legal sector and not just add-on tools to facilitate results. According to Monteiro Borsboom “Innovation has far more utility when understood and considered as part of the design of solutions than just as a way to develop tools”.

The launch of the local chapter is being conducted by ELTA’s Portuguese Ambassador, Marisa Monteiro Borsboom with the support of the several Portuguese ELTA registered members. A founding member of Inov@legal, Marisa is also Chairwoman of Humanity of Things and Managing Director of MQMLegal in the Netherlands. Monteiro Borsboom is a legal innovation consultant, general counsel, lawyer & mediator with extensive experience as an entrepreneur and speaker.


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