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Legal Tech Meetup in Budapest (powered by ELTA)

On December 7th, the first Legal Tech meetup took place with support of ELTA. The event was primarily organized by Ars Boni (a local community of law students and young lawyers in Budapest) and the hungarian consultancy firm InvestCEE. Orsolya Szabó (InvestCEE & ELTA Ambassador Hungary) gave insights on ELTA’s mission and Orsolya Görgényi (ELTA Ambassador Hungary) gave a speech on innovating the legal profession.

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The event took place on 13 December at the Spanish Ministry of Justice in Madrid. The 3 award-winning tools are #EnTurno, #BotMySelf and #QuiereteV!VA

MADRID – 15/12/2017 – The #HackTheJustice hackathon awards ceremony, organized by the Instituto de Innovación Legal, was held on Wednesday 13th December, at the Parcent Palace of the Ministry of Justice. In addition to winners and authorities, the event was also attended by members of the jury and sponsors of the programme.

The team of #EnTurno has created a tool for legal-aid lawyers to communicate, exchange information and schedule hearings both among themselves and with the bar association in charge of coordinating them. They were given the everis award by Carlos Tabernero, Director for Public Industry at everis. The team of  #QuiéreteV!VA has designed a tool to make it easier for victims of gender-based violence to access immediate help; they were given the Thomson Reuters award by Ignacio Carnero, Communications Director at Thomson Reuters, as well as the Ilunion Accessibility Award, by Verónica Martorell,  Director of Accessible Technologies at Ilunion. The team who created #BotMySelf, a tool to facilitate the legal relations between e-commerce platforms and their users through chatbots, received the KPMG award from Francisco Uría, its managing partner.

Spanish Minister of Justice Rafael Catalá defended the need for digital innovation in the legal industry, highlighting that from the outset it had been one of the priorities of his ministry, and while he acknowledged that in the administration of justice “this process has started late and slow, but there is no turning back”, he also mentioned the improvements occurred in the recent months and the importance of civil society and private initiative to accompany the public sector through its digital transformation.

María Jesús González-Espejo, founding member of the Instituto de Innovación Legal along with Laura Fauqueur, made several requests to the Minister: the review and modernization of law degree studies so that new lawyers can meet the technological challenges; more investment in technology that will benefit both legal professionals and citizens; more support for initiatives such as #HackTheJustice; the promotion of partnerships between public and private sector; more transparency and open data from institutions and finally, policies that promote greater diversity and in particular an increased presence of women in the governing bodies of organizations and companies in the legal industry.

Previously, the winners of the hackathon #HackTheJustice had participated in an intense mentoring session during the afternoon, led by Enrique Abad, head of international development of i-deals, and María Jesús González-Espejo. The aim of the session was to support the teams involved in the development of their projects to help them become successful LegalTech startups.

The ceremony can be watched online on YouTube:

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Obviously, the world is changing. Today, success calls for seeing technology as the greatest opportunity – yet technology without design is encryption without a key.

The function of legal service is to enable businesses and society to grow, solve problems and function in the best way possible. Technology and design have changed the world: their impact on business and society have been radical and now that impact is catching up with legal services as well. Legal design utilizes the newest tech innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence and blockchain) and design to make legal services as efficient as possible and to enable legal services to serve their clients in the best way possible.
The renaissance wasn’t just something that happened to other people. Design thinking will change the practice of law on the 1st of November.

Welcome to the largest legal design event in the world.





Margaret Hagan (Director of the Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School & Lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design ( Legal Design Beyond Visual Design: Creating Service, Org, and System Change

Alix Devendra (co-founder & legal designer, Start Here HQ) & Cat Moon (co-founder & legal designer@ Start Here HQ, Professor of Legal Design at Vanderbilt Law School): Legal Design in Action: How Lawyers Are Reimagining Legal Practice, Legal Organizations & Legal Education

Sarah Van Hecke (Legal Design Consultant, Houthoff Buruma): Designed to deliver
Case: Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE – Visualizing complex contracts

Case: Warren Smith (Digital Marketplace Director, UK Government Digital Service): Designing contracts for a digital government



Marie Bernard (Europe Director of Innovation at Dentons & Nextlaw Labs Strategic Advisor & Board member within the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA))

Juuso Koponen (Information designer & founder at Koponen+Hildén): Information design for the courtroom

Esko Kilpi (Researcher, Author and Lecturer on post-industrial work): New work – new legal entities: the birth of new economic spaces

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaer (Managing Partner at the Jurists Europe): How AI and Machine Learning will render 80% of lawyers obsolete in 2025

Riikka Koulu (Director, Legal Tech Lab of the University of Helsinki): Legal Tech Lab – Roadmap to userfriendly Law 2.0

Case: Mutual Pension Insurance Company Varma – Redesigning insurance decisions.

Case: Allen & Overy FUSE Incubator: Team Ithaca



Jose Torres (Director of the Center for Innovation in Law at the University Sergio Arboleda): Designing for the Internet of (Legal) Things

Arianna Rossi (Researcher, University of Bologna, Italy): When Legal Design Meets the Semantic Web: Rethinking how we Interact with Data Protection

In-House Panel: REALITY CHECK: GDPR is coming (to get us?): TBA soon!

Closing Words & Final Keynote



For more information, visit:

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Brought to you by Girl Geek Scotland and Legal Hackers Scotland in partnership with ScotChain17.

Blockchain is an area of rapid growth globally, with a number of start-ups in blockchain flourishing in Scotland. We’re thrilled to be hosting HackChain17, Scotland’s 1st blockchain hackathon, in partnership with Scotland’s leading blockchain conference, and we hope you will sign up and get involved.

The hackathon winners will have the opportunity to present their solution on-stage at the high-profile ScotChain17 conference, attended widely by industry leaders, investors and technical experts.

The event is open to all (must be 18+ years), and there will be some optional workshops running before the hackathon if you are interested in learning more about blockchain development. Details will be posted on the Girl Geek Scotland website soon.

Challenge Areas:

(See the HackChain17 website for further details on challenges)


Smart contracts and other blockchain enabled digital documents highlight the potential for traditional legal services to be disrupted. Smart contracts can remove the need for enforcement of contracts in court, by having the agreement automatically execute on the blockchain and transfer funds in a verifiable way.


There’s more to blockchain than cryptocurrency, and with the big players in financial services still firmly reliant upon legacy technology and software, there’s huge potential for innovators using blockchain to bring highly competitive offerings to the table.


To realise the potential of personalised health-care and precision medicine, it’s essential to have reliable, consistent and secure personal health data. This needs to be stored for long-term use, out-lasting a patient’s relationship with any individual doctor, hospital or clinic, and should be portable world-wide.

Civic & Security

1 in 6 people in the world has no form of official identification, according to the World Bank, which impacts their ability to access financial services, democratic processes, travel, education, health and government benefits. Blockchain could be used to facilitate uncloneable identity documents which could be validated worldwide.

Pre-register on Eventbrite

Only people who pre-register on Eventbrite will be admitted to the event.


The event schedule is available on the HackChain17 website.

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Future-Law Vienna – 29 November 2017

Austrias first Future-Law Conference is dealing with the future impact of Legal Tech on state institutions, law firms, the state sector and inhouse law departments.

Is Legal Tech a potential game changer? The conference aims to answer this and other questions, and focuses on the AI, industrialisation of the legal market and blockchain.

ELTA’s president Hariolf Wenzler is participating in the conference as a speaker on the topic “Legal Tech & Law Firm 4.0”.

Check out the conference website for further information.


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The discussion about Legal Innovation and Technologies, also, has a practical dimension. Having covered theoretical questions in the past events of Legal Technology & Innovation Frankfurt, the current event now focus on specific tools. Join the Demo Night on September 20, 2017 in Frankfurt’s Tech Quartier

The organizers will show specific Legal Tech applications and give an overview on which tools are available, are used and distributed. Twelve provider will present their products for legal day-to-day work – swift, to the point, no slides, no marketing talk. You will get to know a mixed bag of tool, from academic (yet practical) works, innovative startups to multi-national platforms. In an enjoyable and inspiring evening you will become more familiar with current developments and trends and obtain a general and substantial overview on the current application environment of Legal Tech and current Legal Innovations. Ask questions and connect with the organizers, developers and the Frankfurt Legal Tech Community.

You will find further information on the presenting companies and solutions on

Date               20 September 2017


  • 19.30    Meet’n’greet
  • 20.00    Kick-off
  • 22.00    Networking and drinks

Venue              TechQuartier Frankfurt, Platz der Einheit 2, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Please RSVP via or

The demo night ist organized by Legal Technology & Innovation Frankfurt in cooperation with ELTA.

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As a part of the Interactive Hackfest during the INTERACTIVE Festival 2017 the Cologne Legal Hackathon unites the worlds of lawyers and software developers. At the hackathon we are looking for innovative concepts and prototypes for sustainable application in everyday legal practice.

Even the law becomes digital – On August 17 and 18, we build the bridge between the latest technical possibilities and the needs and challenges of today’s legal market. Supported by legal knowledge engineers and laywers with technical expertise we will build teams, generate new ideas and will – of course – pitch those in front of a jury.  This jury of experts awards prizes to the most future-oriented concepts and prototypes. The winning teams will be rewarded with: 1000Euro, 500Euro, 250Euro each per 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as the popular goodiebags, and on top of it all a c/o pop festival ticket for a great after show party.


When?    August 17./18.

Where?   Köln, HackfestZentrale Saal 1, Tanzschule Schulerecki,  Apostelnstraße 14-18 (nähe Neumarkt), 50667 Köln

Costs?    none. registration for free, catering inclusive (also craft beer, yum!)



Register now for free

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Special ticket price for ELTA members: Buy your ticket for approx. €375 (CHF 399) until 15 March 2017!
Promotion Code: please contact the ELTA-Team via

Explore the transformation of the legal industry and join us to discuss and debate current and future accelerations in the new business and technology of law. Be ready. Get involved. Partner up.

The Legal Industry Forum brings all parties of the legal community to the table: corporate counsels, practicing lawyers, legal entrepreneurs and investors.

Selected international speakers present and debate the latest trends and events in the innovation of the legal market: Kenneth A. Grady (USA), Jeroen Zweers (The Netherlands), Daniel Biene (Germany), Mark Holmes (England), Peter Carayiannis (Canada), Ian Dodd (England), and many more.

Ready or not, Innovation and New Tech is also happening in the legal market. Digital platforms for acquisition, online service providers, and a variety of new products and automated processes are shaking the foundations of the legal industry. With these trends, future lawyers will be assisted or even replaced by new technology and the shift to digital will transform both legal services and legal businesses.

Find all speakers and the conference agenda online:

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The world is changing. Businesses are more demanding. Fee models are evolving. New technologies are emerging. And the pressure is on for law firms and legal businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Technology is disrupting (and enabling) the practice of law, which is why we are hosting the Legal Innovation & Technology Festival.

Legal Innovation & Tech Fest is a collaboration between the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) and The Eventful Group, and in association with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC Australia). Legal Innovation & Tech Fest is unique because there are NO vendors speaking – all content is delivered exclusively by In House Counsel, Lawyers, CIO’s and Innovation and Strategy leaders.

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