The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA)  is an association of law firms, companies, legal technology providers, start-ups, and individuals in Europe.

The Association regards itself as a platform specifically for the promotion of knowledge about, and the possible application of, technology and software supported solutions in the legal market (legal technology), as well as its use within companies, law firms, start-ups, and other initiatives active in this area.

The ELTA’s goal is to represent the interests of its members. The ELTA is actively involved in social and political debate in order to speak up for the concerns and interests of its members and to strengthen the position of legal technology in the European legal market. In so doing, the ELTA addresses topics that are relevant for the use and continuous development of legal technology, develops specific proposals, and advocates these vis-á-vis the political sphere, business, media and society.

The Association promotes science and research, as well as European and international communication, in the legal technology field and its neighboring disciplines. With this in mind, it encourages a dialogue between legal technology users and developers.

The ELTA regularly informs its members about important and current topics, trends and developments. In addition, there are regular events designed to promote networking at a European level between all those who share an interest in legal technology.


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Founding Entities

The following institutions, companies, and law firms founded ELTA along with six natural persons (private individuals):


Network – Knowledge – Communication

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